QT MarketX Pro – Advanced Share Market Research Software


QT MarketX Pro – Advanced Share Market Research Software

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Experience the next level of share market research with QT MarketX Pro. Unlock advanced tools and analysis capabilities for informed trading decisions.


QT MarketX Pro is the ultimate share market research software designed for serious investors who want to stay ahead of the game. With cutting-edge technology and powerful features, It works on more than 50+ strategies. QT MarketX Pro helps you analyze market trends, track investments, and make informed decisions that maximize your returns.

Built with advanced algorithms, QT MarketX Pro delivers accurate insights and real-time data on stocks, indices, and commodities from global markets. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor, QT MarketX Pro provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to navigate and understand.

With QT MarketX Pro, you can:

Analyze market trends and identify profitable investment opportunities
Track your portfolio and receive real-time updates on your investments
Access a wide range of financial indicators and technical analysis tools
Stay informed with news and alerts that impact the market
Make informed decisions based on reliable data and insights


Investing in the share market can be a daunting task, but QT MarketX Pro makes it easy for you to stay on top of your investments and maximize your returns. Try QT MarketX Pro today and take your investment strategy to the next level!


QT MarketX Pro Features:
28 panels for orders management & analysis, Any data from any connected vendor, Orders management & analysis, 1 connection at once

DOM Surface

Track all liquidity changes in the order book as well as trading activity of participants via the Heatmap view

Power Trades Scanner

Detect execution of a large number of orders in a very short time & catch the price change

Orderflow & Volume Analysis

Set of tools for deep price analysis: Cluster chart, Volume profiles, Time statistics, Time histogram, Historical Time&Sales, Price statistics, Volume Impact indicator

TPO Profile Chart

TPO Chart, shows the price distribution during the specified time, thus forming a profile to understand at which levels the price has spent the most time

Option Trading

Tools for creating and analyzing option trading strategies or profiles, as well as option Greeks. Includes Option Desk, Option Analyzer, Working orders & Positions (real & paper)

Trading Systems

Includes proprietary trading systems such as DD Signal and Trend Breakout System. 



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